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Micron Electronics Inc.
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Mississauga, ON L5L 1J9

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Micron Electronics provides quality service to LCD TV and Monitors, Projection TV, LCD TV, Plasma, Projector, Audio, VCR, Fax, Camcorder, Microwave, Blueray, DVD recorder and player, Musical Instrument, Mixers, DJ equipment, and DAT machines. Micron has gained a reputation in the industry, for delivering the highest level of service to it's consumer and professional customers.

In addition to servicing audio and video equipment, we have on road technicians that are fully qualified to handle installations and service in home. Internet, video box installations, satellite systems are just some of the work our road technicians are certified for. Fully versed in building codes and safe installation engineering practices for retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and night club installs. We can install and service effects lighting, sound systems from background to sound reinforcement, video distribution over rf, cat5, hdmi, dvi, etc. Our teams install flat panel displays in a variety of applications from residential to doctors' offices, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels, and other digital media signage applications. For more information, see our installationgallery or contact us at